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Ms. Ranata HughesInternship CoordinatorEmail: Phone: (850) 412-5395

SJGC Internship Qualifications & Requirements  - Requirements for a Credited Internship - MMC 4945 (1 Credit Hour) 

  • ► The student must have at least a 2.5 overall GPA and have junior status.

    ► The student must register for the SJGC internship course.

    ► The student must read the syllabus, select a legitimate internship that relates to their major, and prepare a cover letter and resume.

    ► The student must get their cover letter and resume checked by Ms. Hughes, or another SJGC professor, prior to sending it out to employers.

    Close-up of young black businesswoman gives her resume during job interview in the office.

  • The student can only intern with a legitimate company or organization that has the following qualifications:

    1. The company/organization must be registered, licensed and/or certified

    2.The company/organization must have been in existence for at least three years

    3. The company/organization must have an on-site supervisor who specializes in the student’s area of study to work with the student

    4. The company/organization’s internship offering must relate to the student’s major

    5. The company/organization must comply with all SJGC/university rules, fill out and sign the mandatory internship agreement form at the beginning of the semester and fill out the evaluation form at the end of the semester

Once the student gets hired as an intern...
  • The student must fill out all internship forms, identifying who their internship field supervisor is and what company or organization they are interning with

  • The student can work a minimum of 15 hours a week and a maximum of 20 hours a week

  • All forms must be returned or emailed to Ms. Ranata Hughes (Office 4038, fourth floor of SJGC,

  • The student must comply with all SJGC/university and corporate company rules, and must successfully complete their internship in order to earn credit