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Knight Foundation helps shape new age of Journalists

By Sterling Bright

On Episode 13 of “Informed and Engaged”, produced by the Knight Foundation they featured School of Journalism and Graphic Communication Professor Francine Huff. As the Knight Chair for Student Achievement Huff has been put into a position to guide and help students matriculate through college and help them transition into the world of journalism.

The Knight Foundation was founded by the Knight brothers. They believed that an informed community could as they stated, “best determine its own true interests and was essential to a well-functioning, representative democracy.”

For the next era of journalists there are major challenges affecting the way news is produced and received. It is up to professors and professionals such as Huff in order to prepare students for the challenges ahead.

This episode discussed how students can overcome the challenges of todays society. Huff states how the students that work hard in student media publications and continue to improve their skills are the ones that make the necessary steps for life after FAMU.

The panelists included, Washington Post Reporter Arelis R. Hernandez, National Geographic Senior Editor Eli Chen, and Vice President of Journalism for the Knight Foundation Jennifer Preston. Throughout the hour-long conversation, they explained the steps and work it takes for students to get to their destination.

Huff is a great example of these steps, as throughout her career she has worked at various publications and explains how entry level jobs and small markets are the stepping stones for an illustrious and successful career.

“You have to know how to interview people, source stories, and I think its very important to learn how to tell stories than one particular type of technology,” said Huff.

Despite the advantages of technology and the emphasis placed on the technological aspects of journalism, it doesn’t take away from the importance of basic journalism fundamentals. Huff states how although the technology is important students still need that concrete foundation and skills needed to tell a remarkable story.