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Journey Launch Party

By JonMichael Francis

The newest issue of Journey magazine will be unveiled on Oct. 12 at a release party. The edition, “A Rebel’s Journey: The Millennial Era,” will be the main feature at the release party, which will showcase spoken word by the staff and friends.

The theme is centered on millennials and is designed from the perspective of millennials, the editor in chief said.

“This will be an iconic issue,” said Angelique Fullwood, a senior, journalism major and political science minor. “We are a very diverse generation and I think this issue will show (that).”

Fullwood hopes the perception of how millennials can be unapologetically themselves while valuing authenticity vibrate off the pages.

Fashion Director Shaya Chamorro said she is excited about the reactions the magazine is going to get. “We call it the rebel edition, but it is more of a reflection on our political climate right now. (It) represents everything that we are dealing with.”

Releasing cutting edge story telling since 1984, Journey magazine has served as a voice for the student body, delivering student produced multimedia content to the community. The magazine combines elements of art, design, fashion and photography, all while focusing on social issues, cultivating new ideas and personal expression.

Art Director Dajah Dorn emphasized the importance of having an eye-catching front and back cover and said she is elated that this edition has never been done before. “My goal is to not have any copies left in the office, that everyone is going to want to pick them up.” 

The release party will be from 6-8 p.m. in the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication Gallery.