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First Female and Student to Host Coach's TV Talk Show

By Jessica Gardner

Journalism student Dei’ja Martin hosted the Alex Wood Show in the absence of regular host Elton Gumbel.

This was the first the host has been not only a student but a female.
Martin felt honored to be selected for the role. “In my mind I was thinking, ‘This is a giant stepping stone to where I want to be five to 10 years from now.’”

The idea of a coach’s show for FAMU football dates back to the 1970’s with head football coach Rudy Hubbard. Wood came onto the show three years ago upon joining the FAMU football staff. This was the birth of the “Alex Wood Show.”

Since the show has aired there have only been two hosts, FAMU journalism alumni Keith Miles, who is also general manager of WANM-FM, and Elton Gumbel.

FAMU Sports Information Director Vaughn Wilson said he was confident with his choice of Martin. “I feel it was the right decision,” Wilson said. “She was not afraid of it. She attacked the task the way a professional should. Coach Wood commended her. Our regular host Elton Gumbel, who has won numerous AP awards, said that she did a great job, as well.”

If you missed the show on FOX 40, you can catch the episode on YouTube.