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FAMU PR Alum Amir Windom makes headlines with ‘The Source’ Magazine

October 12, 2020
By Sterling Bright

Alum Amir WindomFlorida A&M University Alum Amir Windom has an extensive list of accolades that range from working with Grammy nominated artists or even creating original scores and designing creative strategies for various blockbuster movies. However, none of those compare to his work with the Black News Channel. Recently highlighted by “The Source Magazine”, Windom will be working with the BNC as executive of creative affairs, entertainment and music. The BNC is the first major television network that currently airs 24-hour news, that caters primarily to the African American audience.

Windom got his start in music through his family. With his father being a jazz enthusiast and his mother being a dancer it was as he said, “music biz or die”. Windom during his interview with Source discussed how his father introduced music to him as if it was his sibling. It taught Windom to not only respect music, but to truly learn the craft.

The FAMU alum has gotten the chance to work with some of the world’s top artist including Bruno Mars, Trey Songz, Pharrell and more. However, his most fond memory comes from working on Kanye West’s second studio album ‘Late Registration’ while still a student at FAMU. At just 21, Windom got to work on a Triple Platinum album by one of the biggest rappers of his generation. He even went on to say how this experience was so special because the albums speak directly to the college experience.

As busy as he is, Windom always finds a way to give back to others. He has created several programs with the 100 Black Men of America. While also continuing his mentoring efforts by creating programs that merge education and entertainment at various Universities including Jarvis Christian College and the University of Kentucky. Windom has also initiated his transformative programs at his alma mater FAMU, where he also sits on the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication Board of Visitors. Alum Amir Windom in class

Despite all he has accomplished, Windom isn’t done. He wants to make his mark on society and be more than just his accolades and successes.

“My definition of success is striving to be more than successful, but SIGNIFICANT! Success is money, accolades, status, etc. Significance is the impact you’ve had on other people, how you’ve improved the quality of life,” said Windom.

For the future he wants the BNC to be one of the top media networks in the world. His goal in life is to give all he has to world. Whether his love, wisdom, or humor he wants to become legendary and be more than just successful but significant.