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ESPN’s Greene shares knowledge and experience during return to FAMU

By: James Williams

ESPN’s Tiffany Greene returned to her alma mater of Florida A&M University Saturday Nov. 10, to work as play-by-play announcer as the Florida A&M Rattlers took on the South Carolina State Bulldogs.

It’s a role in which she is familiar. Greene was recently promoted as ESPN’s college football play-by-play announcer. She’s the first African-American woman to work in that position.

Greene has long aspired to be an ESPN employee since graduating from FAMU in 2003 with her bachelor’s in broadcast journalism. However, it’s still hard for her to believe that she was given the opportunity to broadcast for ESPN at a place she considers home.

“I don’t know if I ever thought I would be calling a game here in Bragg (Memorial Stadium),” Greene said. “But I certainly believed that I would be working for ESPN in some capacity.”

Associate Director of FAMU Athletics Vaughn Wilson was beyond excited to have worked out a way to have an experienced and accomplished on-air talent like Greene to take over play-by-play duties.

“I thought Tiffany Greene did an outstanding job this past weekend,” Wilson said about Greene’s work during the game. “She’s the consummate professional. She did a great job of not only broadcasting, but instructing our interns that were working with her. She made sure to inform all of them of what they should be doing in their positions and how to improve themselves.”

When Greene makes her way back to FAMU, it is her mission to share her knowledge and experience with any student that she can. Understanding that her base broadcast knowledge comes from her alma mater, she feels as if it’s her duty to pour into upcoming journalist and broadcasters.

One message Greene shares with students is to stay passionate.

“Stay passionate about whatever it is you’re passionate about. Don’t let any opportunity slip by. Use every chance to grow,” Green said. “Your greatest success is in your failure, take advantage of that.”

FAMU graduate and ESPN sideline reporter Dei’Ja Martin was grateful for the moments she spent with Greene over the game-day weekend as well as the advice given to her personally.

“I aspire to be in a position that Tiffany Greene herself has rightly earned, so whatever piece of advice she gives me, big or small, is immensely helpful,” said Martin. “I never thought I would get the opportunity to work with her side by side, but that was a memory to last awhile.”

“Anytime that I can make myself available, I want to always be able to do that,” Greene emphasized. Because someone took the time for me, and it is most important that I do the same for the young journalist coming up.”