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Camera training available for students on Jan. 30

By: Asiya Gilmore

On Jan. 30, a pop-up training that will include the basic understanding of the use of camera equipment and the process of producing sports packages will be held at 6 p.m. in the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, room 3052.

A 2011 Teacher of The Year, Professor Kenneth Jones, said that his intentions for this training is to expose students who have not taken production classes yet but want to get hands-on experience for news and sports reporting.

Along with Jones, Jade Jacobs, Bria Wesley and Ila Wilborn will do peer-to-peer teaching to help students. “I chose three students that are very strong, who I’ve taught, to teach other students,” Jones said.

Graduating senior Jade Jacobs thinks that the event will go well. She hopes to inspire younger students who are not sure how to get started but are ready to take the initiative to learn how to create their own content before they get to TV News.

“I’m most excited about meeting the younger students in J School,” Jacobs said. “They are the future of the program, so anything that I can do to help them be successful in the field will be worth it.”

Graduating senior Bria Wesley is also excited to be helping with the training. She said she cannot wait to see how eager the students are to learn and pick her brain. “My hope and goal is that they [students] won’t leave out the same way they came in,” Wesley said. “I want them to have a better understanding of reporting while receiving some hands-on experience. If I haven’t taken anything away from SJGC, I’ve experienced you learn by what you do.”

Jones and Jacobs both agreed that peer-to-peer teaching is necessary.

“I think you retain information easier when you’re learning from someone who is closer to your age,” Jacobs said. “That’s what I love about J School. We are always sure to teach and push each other.”

Wesley also agreed that peer-to-peer teaching is vital and thinks that she would not be the reporter that she is today without it.

“We must continue the cycle of it (peer-to-peer teaching),” the Quincy native said. “It’s always refreshing to watch things come full circle because I was once in their shoes. I firmly believe in a philosophy one learns through teaching. The students will not be the only ones learning. We will all acquire knowledge through this intimate experience.”

Jones hopes to continue these pop-up shops this semester with video editing and ENPS (software used to write scripts for today’s multiplatform newsrooms) broadcast writing training. Training is open to all SJGC students. For more information, contact Jones at