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All-School Colloquium

By A’nire Glenn, Aliyah Glover and Robert Rimpson

The Florida A&M School of Journalism and Graphic Communication held an All-School Colloquium on Tuesday to address the school’s upcoming accreditation and other updates.

The overall message of the colloquium centered around graduation rates, expectations for faculty and students and accreditation.

“With accreditation coming up, it is no better timing than now to make changes to expectations, said public relations student Brielle Crooms. “This colloquium gave us the opportunity to see that they (leadership team) are making themselves clear on the directions in which they want to steer us.”

Interim Dean Dhyana Ziegler spoke about the school’s plan to retain accreditation by raising the school’s expectations for its students. Ziegler’s plan to help “FAMU rise up” included strengthening SJGC programs, increasing faculty and graduating students in four years. Ziegler also said she expects students to “rise” and become “digital leaders of tomorrow.”

To help students rise to the occasion, Ziegler said SJGC will be installing a virtual studio before homecoming week. Prominent guests from the Board of Visitors will be arriving Tuesday of homecoming week for “the Grads Are Back” event. Students will have access to the BOV, some who are alumni and leaders in the journalism, public relations and graphics industries.

Students said the colloquium provided an opportunity for them to receive much-needed information.. “It was very informative,” said journalism student Anjelicia Bruton. “They talked about things I didn’t know about. They talked about new people I didn’t know about, like the Board of Visitors.”

Ziegler continually expressed her enthusiasm and vision for SJGC and mentioned that she wants to “Ensure this school is the most sought out school.”  

Professor Kay Wilder started her message by saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words; an action speaks louder.” Wilder then asked everyone to stand and raise both hands in front of them vertically with elbow bent. “This (right hand) represents faculty, and this (left hand) represents the students--learning only can happen when these two interlock--this is called synergy.” Then Wilder told students to weave their fingers together tightly to show the connection and how when synergy happens it is hard to break or interrupt.

This demonstration inspired students and received several applauses and verbal affirmations. “It was very motivating,” said Aaliyah Wilkerson, a senior journalism student, especially when Professor Wilder did the joining of the hands thing. It was great to see a visual of how SJGC is.”

Students also received academic advice. Cheval Breggins, director of Academic Student Services, begged students to be eager and aware of the opportunities and to prepare for graduation. Breggins advised students to schedule meetings with their advisers and, most importantly, stay updated with their course requirements. “There must be preparation before celebration,” he said.

“I thought it (colloquium) was very insightful, inspiring and much needed,” said journalism student Nallah Brown.

Another feature on the program was recognition of the scholarship award recipients.  

Students said the colloquium gave many people a lot of information of what SJGC is trying to accomplish and in which direction it is headed. Ziegler ended her message by saying, “Be curious. Learn and stay curious.”