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Accreditation Site Team Recommends Re-Accreditation for J-School

By Staff Reports

Students of FAMU SJGC


The School of Journalism & Graphic Communication has received the recommendation for re-accreditation from the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s site team, which visited the school on January 14 and 15. The site team reviewed the work of the Division of Journalism on two standards – Standard 5-Research and Creative Activity and Standard 9-Assessment.

The site team’s recommendation is not final, but will be forwarded to the ACEMJC accrediting committee for a recommendation based on the site team visit in March, then will proceed to the Council for a final determination in April 2020.

The site team -- chaired by Caesar Andrews, Leonard Distinguished Chair in Media Ethics and Writing at the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada-Reno and Dr. Greg Pitts, director of the School of Journalism & Strategic Media at Middle Tennessee State University -- said in the recommendation that the division’s work over the past two years merits re-accreditation.

“Thanks to the School’s recommitment to scholarship and assessment, the dedication of faculty, and ambitious plans to re-imagine curriculum, this program is poised for more success,” the site team report said.

The site team noted that actions since the accreditation visit in Spring 2018 have significantly improved upon the School’s previous assessment performance on Standard 9.

“During the campus visit, progress was echoed in conversations with the dean, Assessment Committee chair, FAMU administrators who monitor assessment and nearly every faculty member who addressed the topic.”

In addition, the site team noted progress on faculty scholarship, citing that the research accomplishments, in slightly under two years, matches or slightly exceeds the quality of research output from the unit in the previous six years cited in the most recent self-study.

Journalism Division Director William Jiles is upbeat about the results and next steps.

“I am very excited and happy that we have crossed this first hurdle of the re-accreditation process. I realize we have two more stages before we attain full re-accreditation. However, I remain positive the school will reach its goals.”

Dean Michelle Ferrier said she’s thrilled that the site team has recognized the dedicated work of faculty, staff and administrators in charting a solid path forward for the School.

“We are re-imagining and re-focusing our curriculum to provide greater pathways forward for our students and their success in the field. As part of that process, we’ve built in more rigorous assessment of student outcomes to ensure our students are prepared fully for opportunities in strategic communication, journalism and other communication careers,” she said.