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Kay Wilder

Professor/Interim Director

Kay Wilder is Professor of Graphic Communication with Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, Florida. Los Angeles born, she is a graphic designer, design educator/researcher, artist, and singer/songwriter.
She previously taught at California State University in Northridge, California, and The American University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Kay and her students have focused on public campaigns, conducting behavioral research related to driver safety, health issues, and homeland security programs. These public education and community projects have included the city and county of Los Angeles, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the city of Tallahassee and state of Florida. To date she has 20 published community-based campaigns that represent 2.3 million dollars in grant funding support.

Her industry work includes such clients as IBM, ARCO, Disney, Toyota, Motown Records, Twentieth Century Fox, Ayer/Jorgenson Advertising, Foot, Cone & Belding Advertising, Southern California Automobile Club.
Additionally, she is exhibits a 32 piece mixed-media, fine arts gallery show titled “The Ragged Edge of Desire.” Series I, “Survival of the Feminine”, deals with women’s struggle in dealing with and overcoming the “Glass Ceiling Syndrome” while maintaining healthy relationships and raising families.

Series II, “Icons to Love”, concerns itself with the bittersweet, men and women bring each other in the process of ļ¬nding love. One of the
works in this series is titled “Little Black Book”, it required interviews with 80 men to date, ages 9 through 91, regarding their views about the women in their lives.