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Advising & Academic Support

Academic Advisement

Every student must be advised before registering for classes. Failure to do so will result in a registration hold on the student's record.

Incoming Freshmen

The orientation process is the first step toward becoming a full-fledged college student. The university’s New Student Orientation program is held every summer for an exciting 2-3 day intellectual, cultural, and social experience. An exciting one-day New Student Orientation is held during the spring. During this time, first-year and transfer students who have been admitted into the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication will be advised by an experienced academic advisor. Registration is required. Visit the NSO website for dates and more information. Note: All undeclared majors who have completed 0-30 credit hours must be advised through the Academic Advisement Center.

Returning Students

In mid-October and early March of each year, all returning students are required to consult with their assigned advisor to create a course schedule for the next term. Both the student and the advisor must complete and sign the Academic Advisement Form for their respective degree program. A registration stop (Advisement Hold) will occur until the advisement form has been submitted. Students should contact the Director of Academic Support Services for the name of their assigned advisor.

SJGC Academic Advisement Forms

Each student should bring a completed SJGC Academic Advisement Form and their Curriculum Guide to every meeting with an advisor for advisement. The Curriculum Guide shows the program of study, course taken and courses a student plans to take. A copy of the form is kept in the student's file and will be used for the graduation check to ensure that all requirements have been met.

Courses Requiring Advisor Approval

All courses (indicated on the advisement form) require advisor approval.

Broadcast Advisement Form
Public Relations Advisement Form
Graphic Design Advisement Form

Courses Requiring Advisor Approval

MMC 4945 - Journalism/PR Internship
GRA 3935 - Graphic Communication Seminar
GRA 3940 - Graphic Communication Internship
GRA 4905 - Directed Individual Study
JOU 5931 - Specialized Topics in Journalism
JOU 5905 - Directed Independent Study

Modifying Academic Programs

Any modification to the student’s academic program (i.e., change of major, change of program type, etc.) must be approved by the advisor, division director, and the Dean.

Career Advisement

The SJGC Office of Internship & Placement (OIP) assists current students and alumni with finding internships and job opportunities. The OIP also provides students with professional development assistance such as résumé and cover letter critiques, interviewing tips and portfolio reviews. Contact Knight Chair, Francine Huff at 850-412-6587 for further assistance or to schedule an appointment.

Writing Resource Center

The FAMU Writing Resource Center offers free 30-minute daily writing and grammar tutorials for all students enrolled at FAMU. Writing is an essential component of the SJGC curriculum and the professional careers of our graduates. Students who desire to shapern their writing skills outside of the classroom are encouraged to schedule an appointment.

Counseling Services

The college experience is full of exciting new experiences, but it can also be quite stressful and overwhelming. The FAMU Office of Counseling Services understands the importance of addressing the stressors and concerns of student life to ensure academic success. Additionally, SJGC faculty hold several workshops throughout the year to address time management, stress, and social issues.