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SJGC Alum Jared Eummer is revolutionizing the world of sports

By Sterling Bright
April 13, 2021

Since leaving the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication in 2017, Jared Eummer has been the premier example of hustle within an industry. Eummer took a path not usually seen out of SJGC and his name still rings through the halls for students who wish to follow in his footsteps and take their talents into the sports industry. Now Eummer is continuing on that upward trend by creating the company Athlytic with co-founder and 2018 Michigan State University graduate Ashton Keys.

Eummer and his co-founder Keys started the Athlytic as a fully integrated marketplace to connect college athletes with endorsement deals. Due to their hard-work and belief in their idea, Eummer and Keys will be showcasing their company during the Mountain Dew Real Change Opportunity Fund Pitch Competition, which will air on BET and VH1.This Wednesday they will make their pitch in front of celebrity judges including La La Anthony, for the chance at winning a piece $1 million cash prize. The competition is set up as a pool where depending on where you finish in the competition determines how much you take home. Everyone who competes in the competition will earn a piece of the prize however, the first place winner will take home $150 K.

“Some people think that were asking for universities to fund athletes but we’re not looking to take any dollars away from the marketing and TV rights that Universities receive,” said Eummer. “We’re just asking that athletes be able to monetize what they’re bringing to the table.”

Eummer and Keys founded the company to help bridge the gap between brands and student athletes. Over the past few years the debate has been, whether students should be able to profit off their name, image and likeness. With several states passing new laws allowing students to profit off their likeness, Athlytic will be one of the first platforms to help educate, support, and connect student athletes to brand partners.

“We saw a significant gap in the market where states are opening up the athletes’ opportunity to make money and monetize their name and connect with endorsement partners but it wasn’t a real great way for them to do that and we want to create that platform to help them identify the right partners so they can reach their potential ,” said Keys.

It comes to no surprise that Eummer finds himself in this realm. He got his start in marketing and has been working with big name stars such as DJ Khaled and Meg Thee Stallion since the beginning. During his time with the Cavaliers, Eummer worked with all of the properties within the Cavaliers organization, while looking to grow businesses alongside their properties.

Eummer consistently makes headlines, his most recent came from being featured in the Cleveland Cavaliers campaign to pay homage to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Now Eummer is using his love for sports and his knack for marketing to bring athletes and brands together.

On their website which you can visit at, influencers create a profile and immediately get recommendations on pricing and potential partnerships based on their social platforms. The athletes are also paid exclusively through the app allowing student-athletes to receive every penny they are worth. Eummer and Keys are revolutionizing the world of sports and we can catch Eummer present his idea live on BET and VH1 this Wednesday, you won’t want to miss it.