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SJGC Alum Damon Arnold makes his leap to KMOV News 4 in St. Louis

By Sterling Bright
December 17, 2020

Damon ArnoldSchool of Journalism and Graphic Communication graduate Damon Arnold has been an example of success and hard work. Arnold is making waves in the industry as he moves to CBS KMOV News 4 in St. Louis, Missouri. For the past three years Arnold has been a part of WALB, which is a 152 ranked market. Arnold will be moving to a 21 ranked market in KMOV, but will also get the opportunity to continue his work as KMOV’s new weekend morning anchor.

For most journalist who try to take the leap in a new market they are not given such responsibility from the beginning. Arnold will be going into this new market as an anchor and for similar opportunities they would have asked him to join the team as a multi-media journalist or maybe lower.

Arnold knew what he wanted out of his career but also knew what he deserved and earned through his work. Arnold although he is coming from a smaller market, he was able to be an anchor, MMJ, and even have his own show known as, “The Breakdown with Damon Arnold”. “The Breakdown” was an investigative reporting show hosted by Arnold that premiered in September of 2019.

He stated that for him KMOV was an easy choice because they not only believed in him but wanted to invest in him.

“It’s an opportunity in itself and It’s just an incredible testament to my time here in Albany. KMOV was the easy choice because they were not only giving me more opportunity, but they showed they believed in me and wanted to make sure I had everything I needed to be successful and have a place to call home,” said Arnold.

When Arnold took his first steps on “The Hill” he already knew the route he wanted to take. As he stated there was no doubt that he wanted to go into journalism and anchor. He hit the ground running and went on to be one of the first students to not be Editor-In-Chief for the Famuan, but also anchor for FAMU TV20 in the same semester.

Arnold went on to discuss how there are two specific things that make him stand out from the crowd. He stated how he is always the hardest working man in the room and that no matter the opportunity he is always humble and appreciative of everything that comes his way.

“It was humbling and it as a sigh of relief that all of my hard work was not in vain. I knew what I was capable of but didn’t know how fast it was going to come. I had to stop and realize that God had this in my plans and that I earned this, “Arnold said.

He even made it a point to emphasize the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” He discussed that the love, support, and teachings are the reasons he is where he is today. In SJGC the professors have always been a focal point of student success. That is because SJGC professors are not only dedicated to journalism, but getting students to the next level. Arnold discussed how former professors Kalisha Whitman and former Dean Dr. Ann Kimbrough are the two professors who really made an impact on his life and career.

He went on to discuss that for current students as long as you have the passion and work ethic whatever is meant for you will come. He stated how if students do not work and hone their crafts as journalists they are doing themselves a disservice. That for every opportunity that comes your way know that you have earned it and that this was what you were preparing for the entire time.