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Senior SJGC student Ari Payne wins Pinnacle Award for Best Radio Sportscast

By Sterling Bright
December 1, 2020

For some students their time on “The Hill” is cut in half. However, because of that they work that much harder to make their presence known despite being a transfer. Senior Journalism student Ari Payne is an example of that hard work and dedication. His hard work was noticed recently as he was awarded the Best Radio Sportscast from the College Media Association’s Pinnacle College Media Awards. He received the award because of his outstanding work as part of the daily segment known as “Primetime Sports”.

In his award-winning segment of “Primetime Sports”, he discussed the state of the National Football League as well as the National Basketball Association. He highlighted the major news at the time as well as the current condition of professional and college athletics.

Since arriving on campus he has taken every opportunity to learn and hone his skills as a journalist. As a former three sport athlete in football, basketball, and track Payne was able to use that love of sports in a new realm.

“As I visited FAMU the summer of 2018. I realized this was the route I wanted take and that through Journalism, this was a way for me to stay within the game,” said Payne.

Payne is a native of Broward County, Florida. Which is also where he got his collegiate start at Broward College. He discussed how as a transfer student that made his want to show his skills and make an impact while at FAMU.

“When you come in as a transfer and a junior, you only have basically two years to do what other students had four years to do and if you let that time fly you won’t have anything to show for it,” Payne said.

Which is why he is so involved within the school of Journalism. Payne discussed how he is the Sport’s Director for 90.5, written multiple stories for the Famuan, as well as produces the popular weekly show known as “The Playmakers”. He even took the time to join the dance group known as Boyz of Poison. While also producing and starring in his own podcast known as the “Payne Said it Podcast”.

Payne attributed much of his success not only to his drive but to SJGC professors Angeline Taylor and Ann Kimbrough. Kimbrough is even the professor that nudged him to produce his podcast which is now on its eighth episode. He discussed as a graduating senior how they helped him improve many of his skills, including making him the writer he is today. Payne in the future wants to continue his journalism career within the world of sports and one day take his radio and writing skills to an even greater stage.