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Ranata Hughes included in the 2021 Future of Learning Report

By Sterling Bright
March 24, 2021

The FAMU School of Journalism and Graphic Communication’ own Visiting Professor Ranata Hughes was featured in the 2021 Future of Learning Report. The Report comes from FutureLearn and is a 74-page report that details how, what and why people are learning, as well as the adjustments and challenges to come.

Professor Ranata Hughes has been a voice for SJGC and since joining FAMU’s staff in 2017, she has continually advocated for the wants and needs of her young professionals.

The report was seen by millions of viewers and allowed more eyes on the problems and solutions FutureLearn decided to display. Due to her work within the report publications such as ; Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, and the Associated Press were among some of the publications that quoted Professor Hughes.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic students have had to make extreme adjustments in order to succeed. Through online learning resources such as Zoom and other platforms it has allowed students to continue to learn in effective ways.

“Online learning is what’s going to preserve the education system,” said Professor Hughes. “It’s going to expand, it’s going to become more unique, more customized. It’s going to become more catered to individuals.”

Over the past year education professionals have been finding various ways for their students to lean but also stay engaged without that human interaction. The global report discusses the connection between the pandemic and the new issues we face in our society. Whether dealing with our education system or the racial and social justice issues we see every day. However, through online learning it has allowed professors to continue to touch their students and inform them of the challenges they face.

“Online learning is a gift to the world… It allows any person of any ethnic background in any country, in any village, in any city, in any state, anywhere, to come together and learn, and it allows the classroom to meet each other… and discuss their cultural differences,” said Hughes.

Future Learn in an online learning platform with the purpose to improve education access. Although Future Learn is located in the UK they have around 12.5 million users across the globe. The report showcased how strong Hughes feels about the issue and how as educators they can continue to improve in our education system.