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Graphic Design Senior Rutland goes viral again with his Hard-hitting NFL Illustration

November 3, 2020
By Sterling Bright


An original Illustration from Elijah Rutland. Photo taken from @FixMySole.

Senior Graphic Design student Elijah Rutland has continued his streak of success as he was chosen as an artist for the National Football League’s Artist Replay campaign. Rutland displayed his skill and style as he displayed Titans RB Derrick Henry running through the Buffalo Bills Defense. Rutland, throughout his college campaign has seen a wide array of success which has allowed him to work with several major companies.

Although a native of Macon, Ga and disgruntled Falcons fan, Rutland has always been a fan of Titans RB Derrick Henry. Rutland even went on to discuss how he has been a fan of Henry since his days at Alabama. The Titans star has been the driving force for the teams 5-2 record and Rutland has been very impressed with how Henry has grown throughout the season.

“He is so dynamic, and it translated to the NFL. That play, as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to do it. Before the game I had a different play in mind, but I wanted to pass just the NFL, I knew that play would generate a good response,” said Rutland.

Rutland’s illustration has reached over 300,000 likes on Instagram and over 1,000 comments. However, Rutland has seen success like this before. Known for his FixMySole business and creative designs, he has gone viral several times especially because of his infamous “Black Rolf” meme. While also getting the chance to work with Beats By Dre for their Black Futures Program, as well as at Warner Bros.

“Ultimately what I’m doing now is what I want to be doing the rest of my life but on a larger scale,” said Rutland. “Eventually I want to be an independent virtual artist but also because of my time with Warner Bros. I would want to end up there because it was mutually beneficial for me and my business.”

Rutland has a great deal of talent and others are taking notice. He even went on to discuss how the tables have turned in some ways. How he feels that now he is getting recognition and that more opportunities are coming to him which will open doors yet to be seen.