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FAMU Dominates 2021 Addy Awards

By Sterling Bright
March 24, 2021


Just The Two Of Us Brianna Grant

At the Florida A&M School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, our students have consistently proven that they are the best of the best. This past semester our Graphics students participated in the 2021 American Advertising Federation awards. The students submitted their graphic and artistic entries based on various categories that ranged from logo design to advertisement.


In total 15 graphic design students took home ADDY Awards this semester. Although there were several FAMU students who placed, there were also four students who won Gold. Those students include, Jaden Holloman, Brianna Grant, and Janece Martial. 


Naissance French Restaurant Jaden Holloman

It comes as no surprise to see the talent level of SJGC students. It seems as if our students were just ahead of the competition.


The story of the ADDY Awards of course with our students taking home the gold. However, some of our students went above and beyond. Not only did four students rack up gold but, four students also won more than one entry. Those students include: Jaden Holloman, Brianna Grant, Nadia Tsegga and India Johnson. 


Jaden Holloman took home one gold award and two silver for the categories Printed Annual Report or Brochure, Cover/Editorial Spread or Feature, and Logo Design.


“Each design had its own areas of growth/inspiration but overall I wanted viewers to be pulled in by the dynamic colors and design elements so they would want to continue viewing my work,” said Holloman.


Holloman’s awards in Logo Design and Printed Annual Report came from her work on the company named Naissance French Cuisine. She received her third Addy based on the Saul Bass Spreads that have a distinct and creative Jazz feel in every aspect of the design.

Illustrations Connect with All Shades Brianna Grant


Brianna Grant was another superstar student in this year’s ADDY awards. Her illustrations spoke volumes and highlighted African American culture. She in total won four awards for her eye-popping illustrations.

Nadia Tsegga also wowed the judges for her design for La Grande Bouche. She took home two individual silver awards including Printed Annual Report and Logo Design.


La Grande Bouche Nadia Tsegga

It seems great minds think alike, as Graphic student India Johnson took a similar route and displayed her culture within her illustration. Johnson went on to win a Silver Addy for her Puma Ad illustration. She also collected a group project win apart of her work on the Logo Design for the Kite Agency. The students who were apart of the project include Johnson, Demitri Jones, Elijah Rutland, and Kenton Elliot.



PUMA Ad India Johnson

Several other students who submitted entries won individual and group project awards. Those awards are silver and display how FAMU had to show up and win in every category. The students who won individual silver awards include Winston Blake and Brianna Grant. Group two consisted of India Johnson, Demitri Jones, Elijah Rutland, and Kenton Elliot. The third group award went to Emmanuel Childs, Kiana Coker, Travon Mincey, and Zariyah Brown. Our Final group winners included Jaden Holloman, Hansley Felix, Zachary Easom, and Nadia Tsegga.


SJGC has always been known for excellence and these awards prove that. Through the help and guidance of Professors Anosh Gill and Alicia Hope, it is clear SJGC students are headed in the right direction.


“When Graphics students in SJGC school win 17 Addy awards, it shows how the program has succeeded to produce quality work, despite these challenges. It is a success story of a great partnership between students and Professors,” said Division Director of Graphics Gill.


These students used their experiences and ideas to create exciting cultural graphics that clearly not only touched the AAF but will touch consumers for years to come.

Kite Agency: India Johnson, Demitri Jones, Elijah Rutland, and Kenton Elliot


“It feels amazing to win multiple awards,” said Holloman. “It makes me feel seen as a Black designer and that I can potentially go on to be successful as a professional graphic designer.”