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Dr. Huang and her PR Campaign class put on the "Obsessed with Health" event at Obsessions Gift Shop

November 19, 2020
By Sterling Bright

In the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication our students thrive in more than just the newsroom. Whether through social media, graphics or radio, there will always be an SJGC student rising through the ranks.

For Senior Public Relations student Deja Boyd, she along with her team put on a successful and crowd-pleasing event for Obsessions Gift Shop in Railroad Square. Boyd along with several students put on the “Obsessed with Health” event in an effort to increase the exposure of Obsessions Gift Shop while also pushing for attendees to consider healthier lifestyle choices. The group also made sure to spread autism awareness. Although Boyd led the group as Event Coordinator/ Project Manager she did not work alone. Alongside her she worked with Ezekiel Hobbs, Tatiana Camacho, Jamal Sharp, Sydney Jasper, and Richard Anderson.

Obsessions Gift Shop was created by Betty Proctor and is an autism friendly business that is backed by the Center of Autism and Related Disorders. Proctor is closely affected by Autism as her daughter is on the Autism Spectrum. Proctor took a leap of faith when she started her gift shop and through autism-friendly businesses such as these it will allow Proctor to reach her goals for her daughter as she becomes, “independent, financially stable, and a leader.”

Considering this was Obsession Gifts first event it was as Boyd said, “a great experience and success.” Boyd discussed how the main goal of the event was for Proctor to gain some exposure for her business as she is deep within the Railroad Square community. Through the various vendors and recording artists it broke through the boundaries of events seen in that community. The event even featured FAMU’s own Fonzi Selmour, or better known as FonziFit on social media.

“We wanted to break through the barriers and the norms of other events. Because when have you seen a tall black man with tattoos teaching yoga. Being where she’s located, we wanted to give her a more FAMU presence,” said Boyd.

Considering everything today is virtual and remote, social media is a big factor within any business. Through her team but especially Hobbs, they were able to grow Proctors Instagram to over 900 followers and produce some high-quality content that the entire team couldn’t help but be proud of.

Boyd has been moving non-stop since arriving on “The Hill”. The Ft. Lauderdale native has been an example of hard work towards her craft. She is not only a rising PR professional, she also is the treasurer for FABJ, a Walt Disney Corporate Scholar, and even runs her own mobile aquatic business known as Under the Sea Junkies. She started her company in 2015 to not only teach swim lessons but also expose people to all the economic and monetary possibilities there are within aquatics.

She went on to discusses how after she leaves FAMU she hopes Under the Sea Junkies will be thriving non-profit. She wants to grow her business while using her skills as a PR professional to take her to new heights. She also wants to use those skills as she continues to expand and grow whether in PR or the business realm.