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Ahmon Lott joins Primetime as a Producer for Barstool Sports

November 3, 2020
By Sterling Bright

For over a year School of Journalism and Graphic Communication Alum Ahmon Lott has been the right-hand man of NFL legend Deion Sanders. Since joining Sanders, Lott has been the social media manager, photographer and videographer for Sanders and his son Shedeur Sanders. Recently, Lott has added to his resume as he is now the producer and editor for Sanders new podcast with Barstool Sports titled “21st and Prime”. Alum Ahmon Lott

For the past year and a half Lott has been producing content for Sanders, his teams, and family on a daily basis. The deal became official in August and apart of Sanders deal with Barstool Sports were three different shows, thus allowing Lott to showcase his skills outside of the camera.

While a student at SJGC Lott was very involved, especially in sports. He was a photo journalist for the Famuan, a personality for WANM 90.5’s “The Playmakers”, a reporter for the Famuan, as well as Technical Director for FAMU TV20. While a student Lott would even film high school football games apart of his game of the week segment. Which is how Lott opened the door to his opportunity with Deion Sanders as Lott filmed Sanders’ son during one of his high school football games against FAMU High.

Although Lott was unable to interview Sanders for his YouTube channel, an opportunity presented itself. Sanders while looking for a media team connected with Lott via Twitter and through some helpful retweets and likes was able to connect with the NFL legend. After a few tests Sanders brought on Lott for an internship type situation which has now turned into a dream situation.

“I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but this turned into the most crazy and hardworking experience of my life,” said Lott.

However, although a transfer student from Jacksonville, Lott still attributes much of his success to the professors and the hard work it took to succeed while an SJGC student.

“It’s the reason I am being successful now. Because I was challenged before. I was already at my wits end and already knowing what it took to succeed. I’ve learned so much about the industry, but I already had a good foundation,” said Lott.


This Photo was taken from @shotsbylott Instagram

In his words, it is because of professors such as Professor Jones challenging him that allowed him to be a success today. Lott in the future although he would want to venture beyond the camera, he still prides himself on producing captivating stories in the realm of sports. For Lott no matter what he is doing his passion will always be sports and producing content for the world to see.