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J-School Journals is an event sponsored by the Florida A&M University School of Journalism & Graphic Communication.
The event showcases narrative features written and produced by reporting students in the Specialized Reporting course.
These narrative features are selected by Professor Kenneth Jones, the faculty member for the course and the reporting sequence coordinator.

The Producers:
Quintin Gee, Jason Joseph, Brittany Collins, LaCrai Mitchell, Donovan Long, Marjorie Pierre, Jordan Kinsey, Toya Womack.

The Redzone: State of HBCU Sports

By: Quintin Gee and Jason Joseph.

The Redzone displays the continuing struggle of HBCU sport teams. 



Trapped: The Restricted American Dream

By: Brittany Collins and LaCrai Mitchell.

Trapped, exhibits citizens trapped in communities as a result of education, income and other challenges.




Return to Sender by: Donovan Long and Majorie Pierre.

Return to Sender, deals with letters from fathers to their African American sons.



Stage 5 by: Jordan Kinsey and Toya Womack.

Stage 5, takes an in depth look on the impact that cancer has on patients and love ones.